MZÖL DEZO 77 is a heavy duty Diesel Engine Oil that meets API: CF-4/SJ SAE: 20W50 classification.Formulated for turbo-charged and non-turbo charged engines in normal conditions.


This oil is recommended for use in turbo-charged and non-turbo charged diesel engines of mixed fleet, heavy earth moving equipments and generator sets operating over wide range of temperatures throughout the year.


  1. High resistant to oxidation, detergent and dispersant properties..
  2. Performance in keeping the engine clean.
  3. Maintains engine’s power and efficiency.
  4. Lowers servicing costs.
  5. Enables efficient control of soot, sludge and piston deposits.
  6. Controls engine wear.
  7. Extended engine’s life.
  8. Recommended to use in Mixed Fleet of Diesel Engines, Heavy Earth Moving Equipments and Gen Sets.


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