About Us

Marwat MZ (Pvt.) Ltd. (A company of Marwat Group) is an independent lube marketing company headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan with regional offices all over the country having a clear vision for the future. 

Our Mission

As an independent lubricant marketing company, our mission is to provide technology based lubricant solutions to our customers. We are determined to serve the market with excellent quality products and value added services.

MZÖL Philosophy

MZÖL Philosophy is based on following three factors of prime importance:-

1.Value Added Approach

2. Our Team and Partners

Policies & Certifications

Our quality policy is based on the usage of highest quality Base Oil and Additives to build up the reliability and durability of MZÖL results in developing the trust of our customers.

Why MZÖL ?

In presence of numerous lubricant brands, there is a market demand of a lubricant that meets highest standard in quality, service and price. MZÖL lubricants surpass all market demands of quality,