Prompt and quick response to our customers is the key to our success. Our delivery vans are equipped with high technological gadgets and supplying products on a daily basis to our valued customers.Whether be small packs or drums, our fleet confirms timely delivery as per customer’s requirement. We also cover remote areas through customized arrangements of deliveries.



The Lube Monitoring Analysis Report (L.M.A.R) is done in our state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with highly advanced computerized equipments under supervision of trained professionals.The report covers not only the properties of lubricant including Flash Point, Pour Point, TBN, Water Content, Viscosity, Ash Content, but also toxic metals, drain interval, top up volume with remarks of our experts.


MZÖL Wheeler

MZÖL is proud to introduce the concept of lubricant supplies and oil change at the door step of consumers. Our 3 wheeler delivery bikes supplies lubricants upon the request of customers without delivery charges to residential as well as fleet customers.The MZÖL representatives are well-trained technicians and are capable to change the oil by abiding to our safety policy.

MZÖL Family


Passenger Cars

MZÖL offers a complete range of Petrol Engine Oils for all types of Passenger Car Engines working under all conditions.


MZÖL offers additive package that enables the engine for outstanding performance, high oxidation stability, maintains power and prevents wear that results in power boost up.


About Us

Marwat MZ (Pvt.) Ltd. (A company of Marwat Group) is an independent lube marketing company headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan with regional offices all over the country having a clear vision for the future. The company’s lubricant division is marketing locally MZÖL brand of lubricants in the country and planning to export it globally. We are specialized in bringing our customers tailored, technology- based lubricants that makes engine efficient, cleaner and environment friendly.

Product Range