Dezo 66

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MZÖL DEZO 66 is a heavy duty Diesel Engine Oil that meets API: CF-4/SG SAE: 20W50 classification.Formulated for turbo-charged and non-turbo charged engines in normal conditions.


This oil is recommended for use in turbo-charged and non-turbo charged diesel engines of mixed fleet, heavy earth moving equipments and generator sets operating over wide range of temperatures throughout the year.


  • High resistant to oxidation, detergent and dispersant properties..
  • Performance in keeping the engine clean.
  • Maintains engine’s power and efficiency.
  • Lowers servicing costs.
  • Enables efficient control of soot, sludge and piston deposits.
  • Controls engine wear.
  • Extended engine’s life.
  • Recommended to use in Mixed Fleet of Diesel Engines, Heavy Earth Moving Equipments and Gen Sets.

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