Passenger Cars

MZÖL offers a complete range of Petrol Engine Oils for all types of Passenger Car Engines working under all conditions. Our lubricants protect engine, reduce maintenance cost, enhance power and increase fuel economy due to the presence of effective additive package.


Trucks & Buses

MZÖL offers a broad range of lubricants for the use in diesel engine of trucks and buses operating in all terrains and conditions. The formulation provides overall coverage of engine from sludge, varnish, oil thickening, and engine deposits. The effective additive package maximizes power, provides long drain intervals, offers low oil consumption and thus reduces maintenance cost.


MZÖL offers additive package that enables the engine for outstanding performance, high oxidation stability, maintains power and prevents wear that results in power boost up. Friction modifier gives smooth startup, reduces maintenance cost and extends oil change intervals.


MZÖL offers motorcycle oil for all range of bikes whether old traditional engines or based on new technology. The special additive package extends engine life, oil drain intervals and prevents sludge formation. It allows the two wheelers to smoothly start the engine at all atmospheric conditions and guarantees engine protection. The additive package increases drain intervals, enhance mileage and becomes economically viable for end user.