MZÖL SUPER 4TMCO  is a high quality 4T Motorcycle Engine Oil. It is designed primarily for on-road and off-road, high performance, 4T stroke motorcycle that meets API: SF/CC SAE: 20W50 classification.


This oil is special developed for the lubrication of four-stroke motorcycles, so that sliding, sticking and/or rough changing of the clutch-plates no longer occurs. This oil is developed and tested in co-operation with the most important motorcycle producers and has its performance demonstrated in the field.


  • Prevents engine wear and tear.
  • Ensures the engine to run cooler, cleaner, and free of sludge, varnish and corrosion.
  • Optimizes wet clutch performance
  •  Recommended For Motocycles & Generators
  • Maximum protection of engine parts.
  • Enhanced fuel economy.


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